Food Industry  Consultant & Media Dietitian

Welcome, I'm Rebecca Laurel-Hill, a registered dietitian-nutritionist.

Through nutrition consulting services, I help your food business meet the needs & desires of nutrition-conscious customers as well as regulatory demands for labeling and claims.

I help you develop and then promote the key healthy messages of your brand through media services.

Media Kit

Labeling Compliance

With years of experience in Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts labeling, I will review your labels and help you create labels that meet FDA regulations.

For menus I will help you meet labeling laws and your customers' needs for allergen and nutrient transparency.

Claims, Copy, Messaging, Media

I will review and update product and website copy to make sure wording is FDA and FTC compliant.

I will help you create the right messaging that hits the sweet spot of getting consumer attention with compliance, and then help you promote your healthy messages through media.

Recipe Development & Product Research

I will assist with product formulas, menus, or recipes so that they meet select nutrition parameters and enhance the marketability to target customers.

As a researcher I can gather and present essential market or trends data to support your food product's success.

Nutrition, Regulatory, and Communications Know-How.

Through my RDN credential and 20+ years experience in various facets of the nutrition industry, I will help your food business be noticed by health-conscious consumers seeking accurate information and credible endorsements, while staying compliant with regulations.

The Right Balance of Hard & Soft Skills

I have the technical expertise, practical knowledge, and abilities to do the job well, plus the EQ, social, and communication skills needed to work with your team in the most efficient, accurate, and productive way.

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Schedule a time to chat with me about the current nutrition or labeling challenges in your food business. If it's a good fit I will propose how I can help.

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