Episode 10: How to Take Back Your Power From the Scale

How do we change our relationship with the scale from one of fear, frustration, or discomfort, to one of ease and neutrality, so that the scale can work FOR us instead of against us.

I know for many of us, the scale can feel like something that has control over us.

The number can influence how we feel about ourselves and affect what we believe we are capable of when it comes to weight management.

The scale, and how we relate to our weight, can also impact how much we eat, when we eat, and what we choose to eat.

The number may either MAKE our day or BREAK our day depending on if it goes up or down.

In this episode you will learn:

How we take back our power from the scale, so that we can feel like WE HAVE the power, not the scale.

How we take back our power from the scale so that we can be women who are truly healthy, who know how to nourish ourselves well, who know how to listen to our bodies and take great care of our bodies... AND with that easily manage our weight.

How we take back our power from the scale so that we can be women who lose weight naturally and intuitively, and never feel like we need to force or control our eating, ourselves, or our bodies ever again.

If you ever get emotionally triggered by your weight or weighing yourself, this is a must-listen-to episode.


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