Episode 15: Redefining Diet Failure And Using It To Change Your Life

Have you ever set the intention to lose weight, went on a diet, lost weight, but then regained some, all, or more of the weight?

How frustrating it feels, right? Because dieting is work; it takes your attention, focus, and commitment.

Typically, when someone decides to start a diet, they feel a great sense of hopefulness.

We tell ourselves, "This time I am going to stick to it, this time I’m going to lose weight for good, and I’m going to feel so much better."

But eventually we fall off track.

And then we might criticize ourselves for giving up our control. And often because we feel like we already failed by breaking the rules, we figure we may as well eat more of whatever we want.

Sometimes we binge where we feel out of control, or we have eating episodes where we get stuffed.

Perhaps then we get back on track for a while, but eventually it happens again.

And this time we might stay off track for a week...or a month…or longer.

Then, any weight that we lost returns. And with that, we might feel bad about ourselves and our behavior, and feel like a failure.

But did you really fail? Are you the failure?...

Or... did dieting fail you?

What if you could take all the hard work and ambition you’ve put toward dieting and instead put that into learning something that leads you to experiencing true peace and control around food long term.

  • Something that leads you to the immense relief that comes with learning how to be in tune with your body, with letting go of deprivation, and with making peace with food and yourself.
  • Something that leads you to ending chronic overeating, binge eating, and obsession about food.
  • Something that allows you to lose weight naturally and keep it off by being in harmony with you body and nourishing your true needs now and forever.

Listen to today's episode to learn how to redefine your diet failures and use them to reclaim your life from food & body struggles and become the Truly Nourished woman - body, mind, soul - that you desire to be.


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