Episode 16: Heal Your Relationship with Exercise - 4 Secret to Find LOVE in Exercise

Many people in our society only relate to exercise as a means to burn calories, or to lose weight, or to change the appearance of their body.

I understand this because I am someone who has gone from depleting, obsessive, fear-driven exercise from fear of weight gain, to someone who now exercises "just for the joy of it."

I believe from both an individual and societal perspective many people could benefit from transforming their relationship with movement and exercise...

...Because it has such a greater and deeper value than just the superficial one of changing our physical appearance.

Many people relate to exercise as punishment or hard work, as uncomfortable, as drudgery...or…as something they "must" or "should" do.

This is because of our dieting culture and the superficial relationship that many people have developed with exercise...

...they might tell themselves they are lazy...or unmotivated…or a bad person because they don’t do a certain gym routine...or because they don’t exercise "enough"... or in a specific way…or because the exercise they are doing isn't changing the scale fast enough.

This is so unfortunate...

...because instead of exercise being this loving thing we do for ourselves and our bodies, it becomes a fear-driven activity that we only do because we are scared of weight gain if we don’t.

Then, our only motivation for exercise is to calm our anxiety around our bodies.


What if exercise could be so much MORE? 

What if it could be wonderful and enjoyable?

What if it could be deeply NOURISHING instead of depleting?

 What if you could HEAL your relationship with exercise so that it's no longer driven by fear but driven by LOVE?

What if you could fall in love with exercise for how it makes you feel and for how it changes how you see yourself as a person?

In Episode 16 of the Truly Nourished Podcast you will learn how to shift your perspective about exercise so that it can become something enjoyable and loving... 

…Instead of depleting.

...Instead of just for changing the number on the scale.

You CAN become a woman who finds exercise easy and enjoyable.

You can become a woman who LOVES moving her body because she loves herself.

You can become a woman who enjoys living in her body every single day no matter its shape or size.

  •  Listen in to learn the essential shift that allows you to fall in love with exercise in a healthy way.
  •  Also learn 4 of my secrets for making exercise a life-long, consistent habit that I look forward to every single day.


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