Your body is your temple.

Body harmony is part of becoming a Truly Nourished woman who is diet free, peacefully savoring food, and joyfully living in her body.

It starts with respecting your body and honoring its communication and expert wisdom.

When you can honor your body and connect to it...

...you find lots of vitality and freedom.



You must nourish your mind everyday to feel like a Truly Nourished woman.

This means no longer feeding it negative and self-judging thoughts that make you feel stressed out and not good enough.

As Truly Nourished women we feed our mind thoughts that make us feel capable, confident, peaceful, in harmony with ourselves, and in charge of our lives.



Soul nourishment is a healing balm for deprivation and restrictive living.

As Truly Nourished women we give ourselves permission to do what brings us you joy and lights us up in life.

We find authentic happiness by releasing outside norms, opinions, and expectations that can be imposed on us, and we honor our true hungers.

By nourishing the true hunger of our soul we find fulfillment and love for life.

 Why I do this work?

I’ve had a passion to help others feel good my whole life.

In kindergarten I can remember wanting to help my classmates feel better.

I can also see the magic and magnificence in people that they often won’t see for themselves.

During college I decided to become a registered dietitian-nutritionist because had a passion for healthy living.

I can remember at a young age feeling the power of good nutrition.

In high school I fell in love with exercise.

In my career I wanted to help others feel  vibrant in their bodies too.

Then, during my time in college I started binge eating and developed exercise bulimia.

That struggle lasted 10 years and it brought me here to do this work.

What I learned firsthand from my own experience is that restrictive living and not giving yourself what you truly want and need... 

(Including following food rules and restrictive eating)

...will deprive and deplete your body, mind, and soul.

Which means you end up seeking things like food more to comfort the deprivation you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The remedy is to come back home to ourselves and be the authorities of our lives (and our own eating).

To come back home to our bodies and find joy in them.

To nourish our true hungers in life.

To honor our inner truths and knowing.

To be the powerful leaders of our lives.

To live as Truly Nourished women.

We can do this together.


Our relationships with food.

Our body peace.

Our joy.

Our ease.

Our satisfaction. 

Our feelings of freedom.

Our fulfillment.

And the positive ripple effects this has in our lives.

Come join me


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A client who transformed her eating by changing her thinking:

"Rebecca helped me change my negative thought patterns and food obsession. I now have the realization that food is my friend and eat what serves me. The concept of self-care was formerly foreign to me, but now I strive for it. I have the freedom of eating only when hungry. I don’t have guilt about eating and enjoying occasional treats. Food cravings are a thing of the past and I have a natural inclination to eat balanced meals."


A client who found her control with food by reconnecting with her body:

"In the past I did not know when to stop eating. I was eating every meal like it was going to be my last. I've learned how to take time with my food, which means I savor what I’m eating and enjoy it and know when I’ve had enough. I’m feeling in control and feeling amazing. Thank you so much. I’m back in control more and more."