I'll help your nourish your body well everyday to feel like a Truly Nourished woman.

Experience harmony with your body and live diet-free, savoring food, and trusting your body to guide you, to exactly what is healthy and satisfying for you.

Your body has intelligence. It holds all the answers for how to be fit, healthy, and well. 

You learn how to respect your body and understand what it needs so that you can lose weight, feel great, and never diet again.

This is Body Intelligent Nutrition.



I'll help you nourish your mind to feel like a Truly Nourished woman.

You learn how to let go of worry about what to eat, and remove all the self-judgment about what you ate.

You live free of thoughts that make you feel stressed about food, your body, and like you're not doing good enough.

You get into a new habit of thinking in ways that make you feel capable of eating well each day and confident in your body.



I help you stress less and nourish your soul to feel like a Truly Nourished woman.

Chronic stress leads to gaining weight and difficulty losing weight.

We take the stress out of food and you learn how to manage stress so that your body feels 'safe' to release extra weight.

Sustainable, lasting weight loss comes from wellness, and a key part of wellness is managing and reducing the stress in your life.

Why I do this work?

I’ve had a passion to help others feel good my whole life.

As young as kindergarten I can remember wanting to help my classmates feel better.

At a young age I also realized the power of good nutrition.

In college I decided to become a registered dietitian-nutritionist because I loved biology and had a passion for healthy living.

In my career I wanted to help other women feel vibrant & healthy in their bodies too.

Then, during college, I developed an eating disorder - exercise bulimia.

Although I didn't plan that :), I recovered and it brought even more purpose to my nutrition career.

I love helping women to feel good in their bodies and respect their bodies for the intelligence they hold.

To not fight for a number on the scale, but to find balance  & ease through good nutrition and healthy habits.

What I learned firsthand from my own experience is that restrictive rule-based eating, (not giving your body what it truly needs to thrive because of diet thinking)...

...will deprive and deplete you and damage your relationship with food.

The remedy is to come back home to your body and allow it to be your authority on how to eat. The way nature designed.

This can include many different ways of eating because we all have unique bodies, needs, and lifestyles.

It can include sugar and foods the diet industry has proclaimed as "wrong".

There is no "wrong" or "right" way to eat.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to food and nutrition.

There is only your body's best way. Something we call bio-individuality.

You have a unique physiology, personality, lifestyle, and journey.

It is personalized, and it is Body Intelligent Nutrition.




By liberating yourself from diet culture and tapping into your own body's intelligence.

Come join me.

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A client who transformed her eating:

"Rebecca helped me change my negative thought patterns and food obsession. I now have the realization that food is my friend and eat what serves me. The concept of self-care was formerly foreign to me, but now I strive for it. I have the freedom of eating only when hungry. I don’t have guilt about eating and enjoying occasional treats. Food cravings are a thing of the past and I have a natural inclination to eat balanced meals."


A client who found her control with food by reconnecting with her body:

"In the past I did not know when to stop eating. I was eating every meal like it was going to be my last. I've learned how to take time with my food, which means I savor what I’m eating and enjoy it and know when I’ve had enough. I’m feeling in control and feeling amazing. Thank you so much. I’m back in control more and more."