Your body is your temple.

Body harmony is the path to becoming a Truly Nourished woman who is diet free and savoring food and joyfully living life.

It starts with understanding your body's cues and expert wisdom.

When you can connect to & honor your body's guidance for how much to eat, when to eat, and what to eat...

...you find your freedom.



You must nourish your mind well to be a Truly Nourished woman living her best life.

This means no longer feeding your mind negative depriving, restrictive, self-judging thoughts that make you feel stressed or not good enough.

As a Truly Nourished woman you feed your mind positive, encouraging thoughts that make you feel peaceful, in control, and in harmony with your body, food, and life.



Soul nourishment is a healing balm and joy igniter.

As a Truly Nourished woman you give yourself permission to do the things that bring you joy and light you up.

You find your happiness by living an authentic life following your joy & true desires.

 By nourishing your soul you get real pleasure and fulfillment from your amazing life...

...and much less from food.



Why I do this work?

I’ve always had a passion for helping others feel their best.

  I can see the magic and magnificence in people that they often can’t see for themselves.

I became a registered dietitian-nutritionist because I love health and wellness.

At a young age I felt the power of good nutrition and wanted to go help others feel healthy and vibrant in their bodies.

However, in college I started binge eating and developed exercise bulimia.

That struggle lasted for 10 years, but it taught me so much and brought me here to you.

What I learned firsthand from my own experience with chronic overeating and dieting...

...is that food rules and restriction deprive and deplete your body, mind, and soul.

Which means you end up seeking food more, and eat more, not less.

This is why my foundational teaching is intuitive eating.

You must release dieting/food rules/restrictive eating and reject the dieting culture.

You must get back in touch with your body, inner truth, and knowing.

You must nourish your mind out of diet mentality and food anxiety, so that you can work with your body instead of against it.

You must nourish your soul so that you don't fall into seeking happiness from a fake body ideal.

It's time to love living in your body.

It's time to enjoy the pleasure of food, not fear it.

It's time to love who you are.

It's time to live your best life.

It's time to be a Truly Nourished woman.

I can help you do this. 



You transform your relationship with food.

You feel nourished.

You feel satisfied. 

You feel joyful in your body

You feel freer.

You feel more fulfilled.

You feel happier in your life.

You are a Truly Nourished woman in body, mind, and soul. 

Let's create her together.

And watch the ripple effect in your life.

Come join me


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"Rebecca helped me change negative thought patterns and food obsession. I now have the realization that food is my friend and to eat what serves me. The concept of self-care was formerly foreign to me, but now I strive for it. I now have the freedom of eating only when hungry. I don’t have guilt about eating from all food groups and enjoying occasional treats. Food cravings are a thing of the past and I have a natural inclination to eat balanced meals."


"In the past I did not know when to stop eating. Eating every meal like it was going to be my last. I've learned how to take time with my food which means I savor what I’m eating, enjoy it and can know when I’ve had enough. I’m feeling in control. Feeling amazing. Thank you so much for this group. I’m back in control more and more."