Episode 9: Part 2-Why Dieting Makes Us Eat More, Not Less (Psychology)

In this episode I talk about the psychology tied to dieting that causes us to eat more, not less. 

Diet mentality is the patterns of thinking we get from dieting that drive us to overeat.

The diet mentality is the fear-based restriction of food that sounds like food rules and thoughts about "good" food, "bad" food, and anxiously analyzing food.

It's the mental chatter that results from dieting:  I shouldn't eat this. That food is fattening. I wonder how many calories this is?  That is a good food, and that is a bad food…and so on.

This mental chatter typically creates feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and guilt about food and eating behavior.

This episode talks about:

-Why diet mentality is so problematic and how it causes us to overeat.

-How dieting and diet mentality makes emotional eating worse.

-How the chatter in our minds while eating will block our brain's ability to feel satisfied by food, so we eat more.

-The body-mind connection and why mind nourishment is as important as body nourishment.

-How lasting weight loss is achieved.

-How to gauge if you are ready to let go of dieting behaviors and the dieting mindset.

-What to do if you are afraid of letting go of dieting practices.

-A detailed list of potential benefits that come with letting go of dieting practices and mentality.


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