Episode 9: Why Dieting Makes Us Eat More, Not Less (Part 2) | The Undesirable Consequences Of Food Restriction

In this episode I talk about the thinking attached to dieting that causes you to eat more, not less. 

AKA diet mentality.

Diet mentality is a fear-based restriction of food that looks like:

-Food rules

-Thoughts about "good" food & "bad" food

-"Right" eating and "wrong" eating.

-On track and off track

It's also the mental chatter that results from dieting:  

I shouldn't eat this.

That food is fattening.

I wonder how many calories this has?  

This is a good food, and that is a bad food…

...and so on.

In this episode you learn:

  • -Why diet mentality is so problematic and how it causes us to overeat.
  • -How dieting and diet mentality can make emotional eating worse.
  • -How the chatter in our minds while eating will block our brain's ability to feel satisfied by food... so we eat more.
  • -The body-mind connection and why mind nourishment is as important as body nourishment.
  • -How lasting weight loss is really achieved.
  • -How to gauge if you are ready to let go of dieting behaviors and the dieting mindset.
  • -What to do if you are afraid of letting go of dieting practices.
  • -All the benefits that come with letting go of dieting practices and ways of thinking.


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