Episode 12: Six Simple Mistakes That Keep Us Stuck In An Overeat-Restrict Cycle

This episode talks about some of the mistakes I’ve made, and also that I see other women make, when it comes to changing our relationships with food.

These 6 mistakes contribute to keeping us stuck in the exhausting & chronic pattern of overeating and then restricting food and dieting... over and over again…

If you have tried several times to break-free from an overeating habit but you always fall back into feeling a bit out of control with food, it is very likely that at least one of these mistakes has sabotaged you.

Listen in to discover if any of these apply to you...

-Not having a positive & emotionally compelling reason for change to keep you motivated and inspired.

-Living in feelings of regret, guilt, or frustration about your eating.

-Impatience for weight loss and then feeling like "who cares" when the scale is not changing.

-Starting over tomorrow.

-Needing to do it perfectly or you don't do it at all.

-Not working on changing your self-concept and how you think about yourself.

If any apply to you, listen in to understand how to shift them so that you can be empowered to break-free from the cycle.


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