Episode 13: Why Being Thinner Can't Make You Happier | What It Really Means to Have A Body You Love Living In

You might be someone who wants to change how you eat to change how much you weigh.

You are not alone.

Many women are dissatisfied with some part of their body.

We are taught to be dissatisfied with our bodies by a culture that tends to idealize a very thin body and a specific shape of body.

Because of this made-up body ideal...

...we can end up feeling disapproving of our body.

Sometimes we may even blame our life's problems on our weight or shape.


Listen to this episode to learn:

-The real truth about thinness and happiness.

-5 wonderful benefits of going all-in on relearning how to eat in harmony with your body.

-How to become a truly nourished woman who is living her best life in a body she loves.



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