Episode 14: Regain Control of Your Eating & Be Permanently Empowered Around Food

Do you ever feel frustrated being stuck in an overeating pattern?

  • Maybe you feel out of control with food several times a week.
  • Maybe you eat emotionally each time you feel stressed or upset.
  • Maybe you find yourself getting stuffed too often and you are yearning for real balance and peace with food.

If any of these sound like you, then this week's podcast episode will give you the first step you need in order to find your control and ease around food.

It makes sense that if overeating food is a problem for us that we would want to manage our food.

People will think “If food is causing me to have urges to eat, then the easiest thing would be to control my food.”

They often do this by:

  • Going on a specific diet or follow a specific food plan.
  • They may only purchase foods allowed on a diet and get rid of other foods.
  • They may change how they cook.
  • They may avoid eating out.
  • They may track amounts and numbers of calories or macronutrients.  
  • They may tell others they are “watching what they eat” so that other people don’t pressure them to eat. 

What happens by using these methods is, they establish a set of cues & rules in the eating environment that make it easier for you to restrict and control your eating.

But there is a problem…it usually ends up being temporary, because we can never be completely in control of our environment. 

Which means, if we are completely relying on changes in our food environment to control our eating, we are never fully in charge.

This makes it very difficult for changes created by dieting to be permanent.

We usually return to our prior eating patterns based on our food environment.

The solution to all of this is to become skilled at honoring your biological & true hunger. 

When you are in charge by being in harmony with your body, then you can make positive eating decisions regardless of the food in your environment.

I know that anyone who is committed can learn this skill, which will allow them to stop overeating, binge eating, and obsessing about food.

I believe it is 100% worth it. 

By learning and practicing what I talk about on this episode, I was able to end a 10-year struggle with binge eating.

Listen to Episode 14 to discover the very simple, but essential first step, to regaining your control with food.


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