Episode 17: Types of Overeat-Restrict Patterns We Can Fall Into | Is This You?

This episode talks about the Overeating Dieter eating personality that many woman can relate to.  I explain who she is and what her traits are.

As you listen, see if you identify with any of them.

This is helpful because it helps you to identify where you may be starting from on your journey to becoming a Truly Nourished Woman.

First I give a broad overview of the general traits or the Overeating Dieter and then I break it down into 8 different subtypes:

Over-Perfect Eater

Over-Functioning Eater

Over-Achieving Eater

Over-Analyzing Eater

Over-Nice Eater

Over-Distracted Eater

Over-Worked Eater

Over-Accomplished Eater

Do you identify with any of the traits or with any of the subtypes?


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