Episode 53: Emotional Eating From Body Image Triggers | Finding More Personal Power With Food

In this week’s episode I share a Q&A session where a group member asked some very specific questions about a triggering situation around her body image.

This situation brought up old emotional wounds from high school that led to several weeks of emotional eating.

 It was a fabulous question that allowed me to riff on topics such as:

  • Feeling more at home and empowered in your body.
  • Understanding & processing emotions.
  • Accessing more personal power & resiliency with triggers so that emotional eating does not happen.
  • Getting aligned to your true hungers and nourishing them so that you stop feeding false hungers,

I share lots of juicy teachings that are super important for finding peace with your body and food.

If you are someone who gets triggered emotionally and eats, this will be a great listen for you.


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