Episode 55: How To Feel Truly Nourished In Your Relationship with Food in 2024

Do you want 2024 to be the year that your relationship with food becomes easy, peaceful, balanced, and truly nourishing?

-Without needing to count or measure anything.

-Without needing to omit foods you enjoy.

-Without needing to find more willpower.

In this episode I share key principles about how to do that.

Plus barriers that need to be removed so that you can:

*Have more energy. 

*Feel good in your body.

*Feel vibrant.

*Trust you are taking the best care of yourself.

*Leave restrictive eating & dieting behind. 

*Master intuitive eating in your life.

*End emotional eating or bingeing. 

*Reclaim your power with food, and by doing so, feel more empowered in your life.