Episode 56: Finding The Body You Feel Confident & Comfortable In

Do you want a body you feel happy and confident in?

Maybe you've gained a few pounds.

Maybe when you look in the mirror all you do is focus on what's not toned.

You've probably tried many things like food plans, diets, exercise routines.

But nothing is working for you long term.

You might think you haven't found the "right thing" yet. 

But that is the problem.

Going outside of yourself to look for a diet, food plan, tracking app, or fitness routine that's going to be the solution.

In this podcast episode I share why going outside of yourself and your body for answers keeps your stuck not having a body you love living in.

Learn why "the friend" who has never dieted and never thinks about food, naturally seems to eat healthy and effortlessly maintain her body.

It's not because she's so rare, or better, or has some secret no one else knows. It's simply because she's tapped into her body's intelligence.

Listen to the episode to learn how to tap into your body's intelligence so that you can have a body you feel happy in that's easy to sustain. 


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