Episode 57: Why Dieting Won't Help You Lose The 10 lbs (& What Will)

If you're on an up and down journey with your body, such as trying diets and workout plans that are hard to stay consistent with.

Just know that having a body you love living in is easier than you've been told. 

You are not destined to “live with” feeling bloated, or tired, or like your clothes are getting tight.

You don't have to live dreaming about the body you perhaps had 20 years ago. 

There is a way to have a body you are happy in that does not require you to willpower your way through another restrictive food plan or exhausting exercise regimen.

In this podcast episode I share what is required to have a body you love living in at EVERY age without it feeling hard.

At 47, this is how I sustain a body I am very happy in. A body that is similar to my 18-year-old self's body.

It feels as easy and natural as breathing to me. No willpower required. 

This is available to you too through practicing the things I share in this episode.

If you want my mentorship to get back in tune with your body, so that you can have a body you feel happy in that is easy to sustain, I have three private coaching spaces open in February.

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