Private Nutrition Mentorship & Coaching


Be a woman who feels truly nourished through Body Intelligent Nutrition


Work with me 1:1 to elevate your vibrancy, health, body confidence, and lose weight for the last time.

Do You Desire Any of the Following:

  • To feel better in your body but are sick and tired of restrictive and unrealistic diets.
  • To lose weight that crept on from your busy life and keep it off for good.
  • To stop guessing and learn exactly where to start so that you can take confident action towards results.
  • To save time and avoid bad weight loss advice! Stop searching for the answers and focus on living your life.
  • Have confidence in yourself with food, to improve your energy and mindset around your health and eating habits, and no longer feel ALONE on your journey!
  • To stay accountable and on-track with regular check-ins, personalized goal-setting, and progress evaluation that does not require stepping on a scale.
  • You want to feel empowered and excited about your journey of losing weight instead of overwhelmed or discouraged, and never diet again.

How it works: 

  • This is my high level 1:1 support. I'm your expert nutrition guide and relationship with food mentor.
  • Personalized, lifestyle nutrition coaching - based on your unique needs and fits into your lifestyle.
  • Learn how to lose weight for the last time by tapping into your own body's unique intelligence for nutrition.
  • Weekly calls on Zoom.
  • Daily access to me on the free Telegram app where we can coach in-the-moment. No waiting for the next coaching call to receive support so that you can make progress faster.

This is perfect for you:


 If you are done chasing weight loss solutions.

You are a busy woman who values her health and wants accurate nutrition information instead of bogus trends that waste time and energy.

You want to find a healthy way of eating that is satisfying, that you can do for life, and fits with your busy lifestyle.

You want to meet your goals in small yet potent steps so that it doesn't feel overwhelming and results last. 


This is about helping you elevate your vibrancy:

  • Elevate nutrition.
  • Elevate health.
  • Elevate how you relate to food.
  • Elevate how you relate to your body.
  • Elevate into diet freedom and results that last.


To schedule a free consultation to see if personalized lifestyle nutrition coaching is the right fit for you

Email: [email protected] or message me on Instagram @rebeccalaurelhill