Episode 18: Breaking Free From the Overeat-Diet Trap

Where are you deprived causing you to overeat?

In today's episode I dive into the solution for the Overeating-Dieter trap that many women find themselves in.

The solution contains 3 key pillars where we must remedy deprivation in each of the 3 areas.

We must treat deprivation because THAT is what drives chronic overeating.

The 3 pillars are:

  • Body Nourishment
  • Mind Nourishment
  • Soul Nourishment

You will learn exactly what each pillar is and how they all tie together to create your peace and freedom with food.

This process is what allows you to go from chronic cycles (months or years) of overeating and restricting food... 

...To ultimately becoming a Truly Nourished woman who is free and at peace with food because she is  skilled at nourishing her true hungers.

She trusts herself with food.

She feels peaceful with food.

She feels at ease and balanced in her eating.

She has the energy and vitality she desires.

She feels more fulfilled and happy in her life overall.

Listen to the episode as I break down body, mind, soul nutrition and my Truly Nourished method, which takes women from feeling out of control with food to feeling balanced and free.


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